Experience the Essence of Old-Word-Charm, and Good Food

With an ambiance reminiscent of famed Key West establishments, Historic Downtowner has been a beloved destination for locals and tourists for over 30 years. Our establishment exudes an air of old-world charm, inviting you to step back in time and experience the essence of tradition, and great food. The Historic Downtowner is an opportunity to savor the magic of the past while creating new memories for the future. We invite you to join us for lunch, dinner, or a delightful rendezvous over appetizers, and drinks by the scenic New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

A Breathtaking View

Indulge in the splendor of Fort Lauderdale's downtown panorama, where the majestic skyline serves as a breathtaking backdrop to the ever-flowing procession of boats and yachts. Here, at our inviting establishment, we offer the ideal setting to relax and relish in the beauty of the moment. With an enchanting outdoor dining ambiance as well as beautiful indoor dining options, we invite you to enjoy a delightful experience with delectable cuisine, live entertainment, and expertly crafted cocktails amidst a picturesque setting.

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Our History

The Historic Downtowner is a genuine gem in Fort Lauderdale's history, with its roots stretching back to the Roaring 20s. Our restaurant is a testament to its enduring charm and significance.

The Hurricane of 1926

Named after its visionary developer, Fred Maxwell, it opened its doors in 1925, showcasing the timeless elegance of Mediterranean Revival architecture. The hurricane of 1926 dealt a devastating blow to the Maxwell Arcade, damaging its iconic electric-lit sign, and much of the structure. Despite the destruction, the arcade endured and now houses both the Historic Downtowner and Historic Maxwell Room

Present Day

The Downtowner, proudly serving the community for over 30 years, now occupies where the arcade once stood. While the Maxwell Room continues hosting various events such as weddings, receptions, and corporate gatherings, the Historic Downtowner has become a cherished venue for various experiences such as Sunday brunch, Tuesday trivia.

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Indulge in Timeless Ambiance

Come, and indulge in our timeless ambiance, where every detail reflects a commitment to preserving tradition and embracing the spirit of Fort Lauderdale's rich heritage. We would be thrilled to serve you great food, and an unforgettable experience. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions, or reservations.